Now Engage your members with your own secure "Private Social Network".

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Do you have your very own social network which you and your members love? Think private social networks... think Bubbly Engage!

Bubbly Engage! - New way to Connect, Converse and Collaborate.


Get Student, faculty, Alumni and Industry Legend on a Common, Vibrant, Secure and your Own Branded Social Platform.


Your members can connect and gain invaluable feedback and share useful information. Members are able to freely Connect, Collaborate and Share information via images, audio, video and polls. Can also offer local insight and recommendation


Instant chat with other members securely using text or voice messages

New learning tool

Communication is more easy and effective when communicated via Voice messages.

  • Write Blogs
  • Invite Ideas
  • M-Learning - Share Notes, Lectures, Presentation
  • Promote events and contest

Why Bubbly Engage?

Your Members, Your Network

Now Engage your members with your own secure "Private Social Network".

Branded Social Network

Create your own mobile app in less than 10 minutes!

Private Social Network

Members of your group can connect and share info with each other. Get Instant Notifications.

Exciting Add-ons

Hash tagging, mentions, like, comment, share & much more!

Instant Chat

Private chat messaging allow share of cool and animated audio stickers’ too.

Voice Bubbles

Record and modulate voice with amazing filters and background music.

File Sharing

Share videos,docs,images and any other files easily.

How It Works?


- Log in with your Credentials
- Add profile photo
- Add background image
- Record bio

Follow/ Add Friends:

Follow teachers, management, classmates your colleagues and any of your friend in your own private network.

Create/Share blogs:

- Pen down your thoughts or Start recording your posts up to 140 secs simply by holding mic icon.
- Add background music and voice filters to your voice posts to make it more exciting.

Private Chat:

- Chat with members of your private network any time.
- Share voice,file attachments and cool & animated audio stickers with your friends.


Here are Some Additional features of the App that Makes it Awesome.

1. Own Branded App

Promote your brand and local community events.

2. Record

You can record and post unlimited blogs upto 140 seconds. Unlimited number of post in a day Real time post on APP.

3. Add Effects

Add effects, background music and voice filters to you voice post, a real voice platform for greater user experience.

4. Share your Post

You know the saying that 'sharing is caring' ? Bubbly lets you share the blogs with your friends and colleagues in your private network.

5. Upload Files

You can now upload all types of attachments via Bubbly, i.e. PDF file, Word Document, PPT’s, Videos etc.

6. Add Text & Pictures

Now make your content visible by sharing text and pictures via Bubbly.